puppet boss game-Puppet Boss

puppet boss game-Puppet Boss

Version: 1.1.6

adout puppet boss game-Puppet Boss

Version 1.1.6

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puppet boss game

[4 People, 4 Fetishes: Adult Romance Game Puppet Boss Pre-registration]

"Good morning, ma'am. Let me escort you to your office."

I thought I walked into my office, but what am I doing in this pervert house?!

Four people with unusual fetishes that appeared in front of me, who became the figurehead of a men's clothing company.
I did ""it"" tonight, then the next day,... then in the night again. Are we really allowed to do this all day?

● 4 Characters and 4 Stories!
Four characters with different charms.
Main stories, plus the side stories where you can get a glimpse of their secret fetishes.

● Secret Phone Calls & SNS Posts!
The call content, where you can hear the other person's voice anytime,
and steamy SNS posts that you can see according to the main story!

● Are these clothes meant to be worn?
We've gathered all the racy costumes you've ever dreamed of!
After all, this is a clothing company, Ma'am!

For inquiries related to the game and payment, please send us an email at with the information below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
1) Device model
2) Store payment receipt for the purchase
3) CS ID (It's on the bottom right corner of the [Settings] pop-up)
4) Screenshots related to the error.

▣ If you want to more information about Puppet Boss?▣
▶Youtube Official: https://www.youtube.com/c/Day7Games
▶Facebook Official: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/Day7US
▶Twitter Offical : https://twitter.com/Day7US

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puppet boss game Puppet Boss

  • Version:1.1.6 _ Size:795.5MB
  • Category:Simulation _ Publisher:Day7
  • Requirements:Android 6.0+ _ Publish Date:08/08/2022
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